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Mello Mic Productions has some of the most talented singers in the Indianapolis area. The range of musical types, or genres, is quite extensive and this allows us to provide the kind of “live” music that best suits your taste. All you have to do is tell us what your audience likes most and we will build a show to fit your needs. Dependant upon your requirements, we will use recorded or live musical background for your show. Mike Hoffman, will consult with you by phone and in person to coordinate the music for your event and/or venue. “Mello” Mike has decades of experience as an entertainer, agent, director and producer and you will find that he is most interested in providing the best entertainment for you at a fair and reasonable cost. We can provide anything from karaoke to a full-blown stage production. So, call or e-mail us and we will be glad to sit down with you and help you provide great entertainment for your audience.

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